PEOPLES 'provides access its collection for free, aiming at its wide dissemination. The collection consists of articles, reviews, books, manuals, dissertations, theses, scientific reports, research guides, situation analyses, memories and experiences, and its support materials, audio-visual materials, interviews, images of participation processes, educational resources, indicators, texts of constitutions, laws, resolutions, regulations and international agreements covering or dealing with the issue of participation. A schedule of events, meetings and training sessions is also available, plus links to websites of other observatories and spaces for debate.

We remind users that the materials and information provided by PEOPLES' are property of their authors, thus requiring responsibility and respect as to their uses. To this end, it is necessary to observe the terms described herein (see Charter of Principles):

  1. It is essential to register to PEOPLES' website in order to contribute by sending materials and/or information related to the practices of democratic participation;
  2. PEOPLES' is committed to the defence of the privacy of its users through non-disclosure, transfer or use of personal data for purposes other than those expressed by its mission. No personal data will be made public in non-aggregated form without the express permission of the interested parties;
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  4. PEOPLES' has a preference for resources that are in public domain and similar in order to facilitate the dissemination of the available materials;
  5. When the full availability of the received materials is not possible, PEOPLES' will provide factsheets, giving the users the option to search for materials through other channels (acquisition, libraries, etc.);
  6. The materials and information sent to PEOPLES' - if already posted online - should always contain their source and the corresponding references, otherwise, they should contain the authorization for publication by the rightful owner;
  7. When using any material and information provided by PEOPLES', users must quote the source and respective references (author, date, institutions, place of publication, etc.);
  8. All materials and information will be evaluated by members of PEOPLES' in compliance with the Principles, Values and Terms of Use of the Observatory. After this process, the materials will be made available for free to public access.